Sefirin Kızı

Sancar locks Nare into his grandfather’s loft and forbids Gediz from entering the mansion. When Gediz learns that he is forbidden to enter the mansion that belonged to his grandfather he is very shaken.

Menekşe goes mad with anger when she learns that Nare is living the loft. When Kahraman tells her that he can help her be rid of Nare once and for all, she agrees to form an alliance with him.

Kahraman put all of the blame and evidence regarding Nare’s kidnapping on Yahya. So Sancar has not only lost his best friend, but he has lost his brother as well. Sancar feels like everyone that is surrounding him is his enemy, but he too has a surprise for everyone up his sleeve.

As for Nare it is against her pride to be living in the same house with Sancar’s wife, and she is determined to make Sancar’s life a living hell. Sancar’s response is that if he can protect her from Akın her pride is of no consequence and he is willing to take anything that she throws at him.

On one side there is Nare, or the other Melek, on the other Gediz, and even on the other is Kahraman; all of this really squeezes Sancer, but the worse is when he learns that Elvan at one point did wrong by Nare and now he feels like he has lost his only ally.

Elvan is now on Gediz’s side, and with a new plan in place, he asks her for her help in getting Nare out of the mansion. Gediz is very excited, finally he will be able to openly declare his love for Nare.

New Episode airs Monday 14 September at 20:00 on StarTV 

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