How do you like the pair Elcin Sangu - Ozan Dolunay?

The STAR TV channel has shared new photos of Elcin Sangu and Ozan Dolunay, who will play the main roles in the new series “Both in sorrow and in joy”. They play the roles of Leyla and Sarp.

And the plot is as follows:

After Leyla is thrown by her beloved groom on her wedding day, she decides to knock out a wedge with a wedge and opens a wedding agency. Arranging her career. Leyla lives for her family - she is a kind, beautiful girl, successful and strong, who does not show people her wounds.

Sarp, an intelligent, handsome and successful businessman, is the prince  every young girl dreams of. And the best way to describe it is to divide life in two. "Before Leyla" and "After Leyla". It is still a big secret for everyone why he left Leyla on her wedding day. Having closed this part of his life, Sarp moved to London, where he opened a new blank page. When he decides to sit down at the wedding table for the second time, his path unexpectedly intersects with his ex-bride Leyla. This coincidence, which is a quirk of fate, again turns the lives of Leyla and Sarp around in such a way that from now on nothing can be the same ...

Как вам пара  Эльчин Сангу – Озан Долунай?

How do you like the pair Elcin Sangu - Ozan Dolunay?

Did you like the pair Elcin Sangu - Ozan Dolunay? Do you think they look harmonious? Will the project be successful?

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