Last night the first introductory video of the third season of  "Hercai" series was released, which is successfully broadcast on the ATV  channel.

«Ветреный» вернулся!
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, season 2 had to be completed ahead of schedule, but at the end of August the film crew gathered again.
New characters will appear in the series, as well as old ones will return.
For example, Ferride Cetin returned, playing the role of Reyan's mother. The actress took maternity leave, in March she had a daughter, Hayat. Now Feride is ready to return to the set, and her daughter will be looked after by her grandmother, who also came to Mardin.
Actors on social networks admit that they miss each other very much.

«Ветреный» вернулся!

A mesmerizing love story born of revenge will continue its story, making fans rejoice and experience with them.

«Ветреный» вернулся!
As we can understand from the video, despite all the difficulties Miran and Reyan hold tight to each other, to their love. However, danger awaits them nearby ...

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