Zeynep enjoying what he loves and is loved, for the first time is infinitely happy. But she soon realizes that happiness and peace are not the same thing. In addition, now she must fight for her life not only at home, but also outside.

Mehdi, fighting for justice, does not find a way out and runs into a dead end. And falls into despair. And on top of that, she finds herself in the center of the lie of Kibrit, who has just started school.


Winds of hope blow in the quarter, but this wind, along with hope, fills Müjgan's heart with fear. And at home, Müjgan has a completely new mission.

Cemile, with the help of the Sultan, follows the path that she herself chose, but she has completely different plans for her.

On the other hand, Emine will have to face the consequences of her choice. Even she herself will be surprised how far love can go. As Nermin battles her own demons in her cocoon, all she thinks about is Zeynep. A helping hand extended at unexpected times will allow Nermin to see some of the realities more closely.

Episode 13 will be aired on September 30 at 20.00 Turkey time on TV8

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