Can Yaman .. the name of a new ice cream flavor in Italy

It has become known that the Turkish star, Can Yaman, has great popularity outside Turkey in several European countries, including Italy, where his fans have become so many that one of the ice cream shops decides to create a special flavor of ice cream and names it after Can Yaman.

In the details reported by Italian newspapers, one of the ice cream shops in Italy decided to respond to the demands of some of his customers who admired Can Yaman, and created a special flavor of ice cream consisting of honey, figs, caramel and pistachios, named after the beloved star there.

According to news reported by Turkish magazines, the store, located in the Italian city of Alessandria, announced its new flavor through its Facebook account, and the matter met with different reactions. One of the types of ice cream bears the name of the Turkish star.

Newspapers quoted the owner of the store as saying: "We started a fan base in his honor and then we thought about creating a taste that had Turkish appeal. Luca Marenco, the ice cream maker, took care of it."

On the other hand, the Turkish artist won the second place in the list of the most talked about on the social media , with the character "Ozgur", which he performs through the series "Mr Wrong ", a summer series that enjoys good viewing rates.

The series is a romantic comedy, with the co-starring superstar Ozge Gural. The  series revolves around the story of "Ozgur", a rich young man who does not believe in love. He falls in love with the girl "Ezgi" who is tired of failed relationships and insists on living a successful relationship and then marriage.

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