In the house of Ali Riza Altay, a taxi driver in the Kulaksiz district, there is excitement. Tomorrow Ali Riza will marry his sister Nihan. Nihan's twin, Mert, will return at night after serving in the army. In the midst of all this excitement, Ali Riza continues to turn the steering wheel to earn his bread.

Задира / Ariza – 1 серия, описание и фото

On the other hand, Halide Gyurkan will take part in a loud reception hosted by Fuat Ersoylu in honor of the 70th birthday of her father, Hasmet Gyurkan. During the reception, Fuat's son Ersoylu Burak will propose to Halida to marry, but Halide will not accept him. As a result of a quarrel with Burak, Halide will leave the reception and sit in Ali Riza's taxi, who will be there at that time. Burak, chasing her, will try to take her out of the taxi, but Ali Riza intervenes and a fight starts. Burak will receive the first slap in his life from Ali Riza.


Задира / Ariza – 1 серия, описание и фото

Burak will not forget this and will later show up at the wedding of Ali Riza's sister. Halide also came to the wedding, suggesting what would happen. But things will get out of hand. And after this evening nothing will be the same as before, neither for Ali Riza, nor for Halida.

Episode 1 will be aired on September 13 at 20.00 Turkey time on SHOW TV

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