Alina Boz and Kubilay Aka and  İpek Filiz Yazıcı, who shared the leading roles in the Love 101 series published on Netflix, caught the corona virus. While the shooting of Aşk 102, the second season of the series, was stopped, Kubilay Aka, who also starred in Çukur, shared on Twitter. Aka, who tested positive for the Corona virus, dropped the note "He does not know who is infected".

There is a corona virus panic on the set of Aşk 102, which Ay Yapım shot for Netflix. After the tests performed on the series team, the Kovid-19 test result of the leading actors Alina Boz , Kubilay Aka  and İpek Filiz Yazıcı was positive.

The shooting of the series was stopped after the corona virus appeared in the players.  Kubilay Aka, who caught the Corona virus, also plays the role of Celasun in the pit series.

 Kubilay Aka, who made a statement on Twitter, said, "There is no problem. This covid does not know who is infected, ”wrote the note.

The TV series Aşk 102 is being shot as a sequel to Aşk 101, which aired on Netflix last season.

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