Sen Cal Kapimi - episode 7, Preview

For the first time Serkan opened up to Eda, he revealed his secret to her. Eda, impressed by the recognized one, returns home with shining eyes. Eifer immediately notices her happy appearance. And he asks her a question - is Eda really in love with Serkan? Eda is very afraid of falling in love with him ... But it's so difficult to stay away from Serekan ...

Serkan's birthday is coming. Of course Serkan Bolat hates to celebrate his birthday. In addition, according to rumors, he usually spends his birthday with Seline. And this year should also be. Moreover, Eda will be forced to prepare flowers for Serkan on behalf of Seline. And plus write a note.

Seline's thoughts start to get confused too.

 How this situation will affect the relationship between Eda and Serkan?

Episode 7 will air on August 26 at 20:00 Turkey time on Fox TV

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