Kivanç Tatlitug, on vacation with his wife
A great lover of the sea, Kivanç Tatlitug spends the summer in Bodrum with his wife, the stylist Basak Dizer.

As every year, the handsome Turkish actor Kivanç Tatlitug has not missed his date with the sea. Kivanç Tatlitug is a true lover of the Turkish coast and water sports and, therefore, he has not been slow to travel to one of the most touristic places in his country, Bodrum, to enjoy the summer surrounded by the sea that he loves so much. At his side, his inseparable wife, the stylist Basak Dizer, and some friends, with whom they have enjoyed a few days on the artist's boat.

Kivanç Tatlitug and his wife, in Madrid
Since the confinement in his country ended,Kivanç Tatlitug packed his suitcase and moved to the southwest of his country in front of the Greek islands, specifically to the town of Bodrum, to enjoy a few days of sea and sports nautical. As it was learned a few months ago, the actor would have given the mansions he owns in that city to his family so that they could enjoy the summer, and he would have rented a house with his wife.

Thus, it has been possible to see the couple on their yacht navigating the waters, bathing in the high seas and enjoying the sun and holidays with some friends. Kivanç and Basak spend their vacations at sea every year, although they sometimes change destinations. Last year, for example, they chose Marmaris, where they also went on a yacht charter. On other occasions, Tatlitug has been seen practicing water skiing or diving, as he is a great lover of these sports, as well as motorcycling and cars.

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