Kissing scene in Mr.Wrong disappointed"the audience!!!
Ezgi and Özgür kissed in the TV series Mr. Wrong The viewers, who saw that the scene was a dream, said "Why are you disappointed", angry with the script.

FOX TV's romantic comedy series Mr.Wrong . There were romantic moments in the series starring Can Yaman and Özge Gürel. The kissing scene in the last episode of the series angered the audience.


Romantic moments between Özgür and Ezgi and the kissing scene marked the 6th episode of Mr. Wrong. However, the audience reacted when it was revealed that the moments when the couple kissed were Özgür's dream. Those who watched the video of the scene published on YouTube made comments such as "Total disappointment", "I have been waiting for days, it turns out that it was a dream" and "I hate dreams now" by referring to the screenwriter.


The beloved game of Özgür and Ezgi, who returned from Göcek, is now over. They both feel sorry that they will relax and move on with their lives, on the contrary. Ezgi contracts to meet with Serdar, but she is very confused. She feels she doesn't want it anymore as before, and she shifts between her emotions and her logic. That's why she tries to find excuses and put off the meal. Özgür is no longer the same in Serdar. He began to be uncomfortable with his presence. Ezgi also notices these changes in Özgür and begins to question whether he is in love with her.

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