Kerem Bürsin told about Hande Erçel and Demet Özdemir , love rumors !
Kerem Bürsin, who shared the lead role with Hande Erçel in the 'You knock on my Door' series, was seen in İstinye the day before. Bürsin responded to love rumors about Erçel, who had separated her ways with Murat Dalkılıç recently.

Kerem Bürsin, who allegedly caused  Hande Erçel to end her relationship with Murat Dalkılıç, was in İstinye the previous day. According to the news of Cadde, the player said, "These allegations are ridiculous. Murat is also a very professional artist, ”he said.
About the kissing scene in the series, he said: “We have to get whatever the director wants. "We shouldn't mix fruits and vegetables."


Bürsin, whose name is involved in love rumors with Demet Özdemir, the reporters asked about this subject, "It went months ago, does that rumor continue? The most important thing for me now is business, let's talk about business ”.


"Is your heart empty right now,"
"As I said, my heart is now open to work and my family. There is no love." gave the answer.

On the other hand, Hande Erçel uploaded the selfie she took with Kerem Bürsin to her Instagram account. This share of the duo received millions of likes in a short time.

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