Engin Akyürek and Aras Bulut Iynemli on vacation with friends

The Turkish actors, protagonists of Fatmagül and Içerde respectively, have spent a few days on the beach with other friends.

The popular Turkish actors Engin Akyürek  and Aras Bulut Iynemli  have proven on more than one occasion to be good friends. In addition to sharing a representative agency, the well-known Artistanbul, they have maintained a friendship for years despite the fact that they have not had the opportunity to coincide in any television series or movie. In these days it has been possible to see the two successful hunters enjoying a well-deserved rest on the Turkish coast, accompanied by other friends.

Very smiling and fun, Engin and Aras have posed for the cameras of their companions and the occasional admirer, who have shared the images on social networks. Also on the beach, a fan managed to record a video of Aras taking a shower before leaving the arena. Regardless of being seen and photographed by fans or curious, both of them were very friendly and relaxed at all times.

The group of friends had no girl this time; It seems that it was a meeting only for boys.

Aras, almost 30 years old, already had the opportunity to enjoy a few days with his girlfriend Bige Önal, who is the same age and is an actress like him (Sen Çal Kapimi and Hakan the protector) a few weeks ago in the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum , where they were photographed in a rocky area around the five-star hotel in which they were staying. "Be careful, you have a difficult job. If you want, we have tea," he apparently told the photographers jokingly. "Do not misbehave with them, they are doing their job," added Aras, addressing hotel staff who were going to reporters to get their attention.

The actor, who has triumphed internationally with his movie Miracle in Cell 9, broadcast on Netflix, is about to start filming a new season of the Çukur series, which he stars in.

For his part, Engin Akyürek, 38, is immersed in the filming of the second season of his series Sefirin Kizi, where he shares the limelight with Neslihan Atagül (Eternal Love). But he has been able to stop on his busy schedule to enjoy these days with friends. In his case, he has not been seen at the moment this summer accompanied by any girl and it is unknown if he has a girlfriend currently, although for a time he has been talking about fashion designer Nevbahar Doyuran as his possible partner. Unlike his friend Aras, Engin is much more discreet with his private life and if he has enjoyed a getaway with his girl, he has done it away from the indiscreet spotlights.

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