Akin Akinözü enjoys a few days of vacation on the beach with his girlfriend
The vengeful Miran de Hercai and his girl, Sandra Pestemalciyan, who have been in the relationship for three years, relaxed on the shores of Izmir before the actor begins filming for the third season.

Like many of his fellow professionals, the handsome Akin Akinözu,  has enjoyed a few days on the beach in good company, that of his girlfriend Sandra Pestemalciyan. The couple have shared a short summer break in Izmir, before the actor returns to work this August when filming begins for the third season of Hercai.

In that place on the Turkish Aegean coast, the couple was photographed relaxing in the sun facing the sea, sitting in a hammock, reading and talking. Coinciding also with those days of relaxation, the admired actor published a curious photograph on his Instagram, where he was seen squatting in the sand and above him the word 'Hapiness' formed by dozens of light bulbs, while in front of him other dozens of candles were lit . Accompanying the image is the commentary "Pursuit of happiness", which is also the title of a song by hip hop artist Kid Cudi.

Pursuit of Happiness ...

Some media then interpreted that it could be a declaration of love or a marriage request from Akin to his girlfriend, with whom he has been in a relationship for three years. However, later the actor denied it and explained that: "It was a moment of happiness and I wanted to share it. It was nothing more than that."

Akin Akinözü has become one of the most sought-after Turkish actors after the great international success of the novel Hercai, about a love story touched by revenge between two families in which he shares the limelight with Ebru Sahin. This month, the couple resumed filming and began filming the new episodes of the third season. Feride Çetin will return to her, who plays Zehra the mother of Reyyan (Ebru Sahin) and who had to leave the series due to her pregnancy. The entry of a new actor has also been announced that will put tension in the relationship between Reyyan and Miran.

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