Famous Turkish actress Tuba Buyukustun is celebrating her birthday today. She is 38 years old. In her Instagram account, she posted a post on this occasion.

Tuba Buyukustun wrote:
38? How much has become reality? We have all gone through an unusual period. Not sharing the elders, the youngest, religion, nationality, skin color, the whole world lived the same thing together. Human being ... Only human being ...
During this period, I looked at myself. In the very depths. She looked at herself. I tried to understand. As a man, as a soul, as a child, as a girlfriend, as an actress, as a mother and as a woman. I saw vulnerabilities and what was missing. Lots of disappointments, unpleasant memories that I cannot face, injuries, silence, silence, indecision ... I looked everything deep in my eyes. And you know what you saw? Love ... Unconditional love, trust ...

In the past three months, a lot has changed in my life. And this is just the start, I know. With all the experiences, the joy, the successes, the mistakes, the mistakes that made me, and with the love I received from life, being a magnificent woman, today I am finishing 38 years of my life.
I thank all those who were with me on this path ... first of all, mom and dad, who gave me their genes and brought me into this world ... who chose me, that I brought my world, my friends, my beloved daughters Maya and Toprak ... Friends with whom I feed my brain and my soul, with whom we build dreams - some of them, like aged wine, we grew up with them ... and some in a short time became very close friends, brothers, sisters ... Colleagues ... All my beloved ones who, until my death, will be in my heart ... All those involved in the fact that I am in my current situation ... Those who have traveled thousands of kilometers despite the cold and the heat are just waiting to say hello. And those whom I had never seen, could not look in the eyes ... Those which I recognize by words ... Those which translated into different languages ​​what I write ... Those which me given their share, their time, their place in the heart ... Those who crossed my life ... Those who, as in the happiest days, were close and in bad times ... Thank you very much to all! I am grateful for your existence!
Today, I have a special holiday atmosphere ... It's good that I was born!

By the way, today between 19:10 and 19:20 (Turkey), there will be a special magic moment to make wishes. For your information!

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