Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 4 Preview

Eda was stressed by the news she had repeatedly and slept in Serkan's arms again. Besides, this time he's got a serious problem, selin and Ferit want to come home. But there's no house together. You have to prepare; time is narrow, it needs to be done too, Serkan's all he thinks about is work, work and work again.

Eda's friends are confident that Serkan Selin is having an affair.

They caught them together holding hands and starring into each others eyes.
 While Eda's trying to make the house, she's trying to convince them that everything's okay.

Eda is now patient with the news from the unexpected place after doing her best to accommodate her guests all day. And things are getting out of hand.

New Episode Wednesday, July 29 at 8 p.m. on FoxTV

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