Murat Yildirim and his wife

Murat Yildirim and his wife Iman Elbani went on vacation to recover from another miscarriage.
Popular actor Murat Yildirim and his wife Iman Elbani really want to become parents. A couple of weeks ago, the good news came that Iman was expecting a baby. Murat was incredibly happy. However, happiness did not last long - at 2 months of pregnancy, Iman had a miscarriage.

According to the newspaper Hürriyet, this is not the first unsuccessful attempt by Murat and Iman to have a child, she has already had 5 miscarriages. But in spite of everything, they do not lose hope and continue their treatment, trying to become parents.

To recover from another setback, Murat and Iman went on vacation to Bodrum. In a few days they will return to Istanbul, where the filming of the second season of the TV series "Ramo", in which Murat Yildirim plays the main male role, will begin.

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