Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlis - Episode 4, Description and Photos

“Life is what happens to you while you make other plans”
Cansu and Deniz were shocked to learn that Ezgi and Ozgur went to Gocek, concluding an agreement with each other. Ozan at the last minute realizes that he blurted out the excess, and under pressure from Deniz he has to tell the rest. Cansu and Deniz begin to worry. They are afraid that Ezgi will fall in love with Ozgur, so they go after them to Gocek.

And at this time, Ezgi and Ozgur are waiting for incredible adventures on the island, where they got by an absurd combination of circumstances. And friends and family are looking for them in a panic, since they are missing.

Episode 4 will be aired on July 17 at 20:00 Turkey time on FOX TV

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