Knock on my door / Sen Cal Kapimi - Episode 2, Description and Photos

Serkan is furious after Eda suddenly kisses him in public, photographers click without stopping for a minute. He accuses her of disgracing him. And Eda assures that he is to blame, because of him this happened.

Thus, Eda and Serkan are not able to turn their backs on the game, now they will have to pretend to be the bride and groom. Conclude a mutually beneficial contract.
Aunt Eda invites the young to dinner. Eda enthusiastically tells her aunt how well they get along with Serkan, how she likes to listen to him without interrupting. Serkan has no choice but to laugh sarcastically.

Aidan is shocked after the recognition of Serkan that Eda became his bride!
 How is it that ,only yesterday they were on knives !?
 How did you manage to fall in love with each other in just two days !?
Serkan’s mother does not intend to leave this business like that!

Episode 2 will air on July 15 at 8 p.m. Turkey time on Fox




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