Kadir Doğulu :How did you fall in love with Neslihan? 

 Invited last night to the show 40soru (40 questions) on the TV channel 'Haber Global' ..fragments:
One of the questions was:

How did you fall in love with Neslihan?

Kadir: I was told by the company when my role in the series 'Fatih Harbyie' was established that my partner will be a young actress named Neslihan Atagül. I searched on Google to find out more about her, I saw the awards that she received them, I saw her beautiful face, I watched her short history of acting, I told myself, how pretty she is, a successful actress but nothing really emotional ... It didn't make sense, then I went at the production house with the manufacturer's statement, they were going to introduce a script, we were going to read the script and then we were going to start filming a few weeks later.We entered the production house, there is a back garden, we went inside, a narrow corridor I think the producer told me that I will meet my partner here. I saw two eyes looking at me through the trees. Our story began, of course. We did some research, but it was very important to be presented face to face.

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