Interview of Neslihan Atagul to  American TV Channel

Before the final episode of Kara Sevda/Black Love series in America, Neslihan Atagul Dogul, who gave an online interview to the publisher of the country's largest Spanish broadcasting channel Univision, made frank statements about the series, her character and her new ongoing projects.

Actress Neslihan Atagül Dogulu, who participated in an online interview before the final episode of Black Love, which broke records in America, as in many other countries where it was shown under the name Amor Eterno, gave sincere answers to questions about series and shared important information about their current projects and future goals. Dogulu noted in an interview that when she first read the script of the series, she felt that the project would work well and expressed the following sentence how the success of the series influenced her career: “I had the opportunity to show different colors of my acting with this project. "

The attention of my subscribers is a huge gift for me

She made sincere explanations to the question about the interest that the series received abroad and about foreign fans who love her very much, and said: “I can’t divide them into categories, answering the question of how those who follow me from different countries, they differ from each other in how they reflect their love, because if I do this, I will feel that I am unfair to each of them, and this will not make me happy. We, as a country, are in the middle and in the center. One of our directions looks to the East, another direction to the West. Given that we have feelings of both the East and the West, in my opinion, we began to embrace so many people at the same time, and this is incredibly valuable. I cannot separate anyone from anyone. No matter what their language, religion, nationality and race, they love me, and I also love them very much. Despite the fact that we cannot really see each other and look into each other’s eyes, and I don’t know the names of many of them, we love each other, getting rid of all borders between us. How much they love me, I also love them, and even more. This is a huge gift for me. Therefore, I cannot separate these gifts from each other. We have long removed this boundary between us. There have never been borders between us, and it makes me very happy. ”

I combined my love of photography and chatting with people at Hadsiz

Finally, in an interview with Neslihan Atagul Dogulu, she finally gave information about career planning for the current and next years, and made intriguing statements: “We have a project that we launched in October last year, entitled“ Ambassador's Daughter ”. We have finished shooting the first season, and we will begin shooting the second season. On the other hand, I have a project for an online magazine in which I meet those who follow me on my Instagram account called “Unlimited / Hadsiz”. In addition to acting, I love taking pictures, communicating with people, and I combined this together in our magazine. For those who follow me from abroad, we also publish the magazine in English. Among my career plans, there is also participation in a global project, and this will be one of the issues that I will focus on in the near future. I also want to take part in independent films, and I have already started reading, evaluating scenarios in this direction. ”

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