Engin Altan Duzyatan instead of Cagatay Ulusoy

Production company ES Film is preparing a new historical series "Barbarossa" for the channel TRT1. The main male role in it was to play Cagatay Ulusoy, but the actor decided to leave the project. The reason was that the film platform was not ready yet, they delayed preparation due to quarantine, and the actor had other plans besides Barbarossa. He is going to star in a new film and mini-series, so the work schedule does not match, and he cannot redraw the calendar, as a contract has been signed.

Following him, for the same reason, the directors of the Taylan brothers unexpectedly left, who shot such TV shows as The Magnificent Century and You Are My Homeland.
At the moment, the leadership of the TRT channel continues to prepare for a grandiose historical project that tells the story of the life of the Ottoman corsair and nobleman Barbarossa Hizir Hayretin Pasa. Commanding the corsair fleet, he became the ruler of Algeria, and then the admiral of the Ottoman Empire. With an offer to play the main role, they turned to Engin Altan Duzyatan, with whom they shot the series “Risen Ertugrul” together for 5 seasons. The response of the popular actor is still unknown, we are waiting for the development of further events.

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