Elcin Sangu returns with a new series

Elcin Sangu returns to the screens with a new series called "In sorrow and in joy /İyi Günde Kötü Günde." Takes his production company O3 Medya for Star Tv. The series is planned to be aired in September.
Screenwriter Aksel Bonfil, who wrote the scripts for some series of series, such as “Protector”, “Cherry Season”, “Love Doesn't Understand Words”.
Director Baris Ercetin, who shot such series as “My Sweet Lie”, “The Magnificent Two”, “Meriem”.
The plot has not yet been disclosed, only Elcin Sangu and Yasemin Kay Allen are identified from the cast.

Earlier it was reported that Mert Ferat will star in this series, but the information was not confirmed. Thus, the vacancy of the protagonist is free, an actor is being searched.
And who would you like to see next to Elcin Sangu in the TV series "And in sorrow and in joy"? Write your opinion in the comments!

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