Elcin Sangu as Leila

Recently, there were reports about the preparation of the new series "Good Days Bad Days" for Star TV. As it was announced, the main roles in it are performed by Elcin Sangu, Ozan Dolunai and Yasemin Allen.

The creators of the new series showed what will be Leyla, one of the heroines. Today, the first rehearsal was held with the participation of costumers and makeup artists, the styling of the heroine Elcin Sangu was selected. Thus, the first details of the new character of the actress appeared.
Elcin Sangu attracted attention and aroused the approval of the film crew with her jokes and cheerful mood.
The actress will play the role of Leila, the organizer of weddings.
The series is planned to be aired in September, in the new season.

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