Eda Ece with her beloved basketball player Bugrahan Tunger

Eda Ece a week ago had a falling out with her beloved basketball player Bugrahan Tunger right on the street. Ece gave an explanation on this issue.
Tense moments between Eda Ece and her lover, basketball player Bugrahan Tunger fell under the camera sights. A week ago they had a fight in the middle of the street. Eda Ece told reporters “We don't have any problems”, and Bugrahan Tuncer left and left the actress alone.

Ece, seen in Cihangir, said, “On that day we walked along the road, a car suddenly appeared in front of us. 4 people got out of it. We thought it was an armed attack. I was very scared and reacted. This state  got on the cameras so that everyone felt that we were quarreling. "

“Cases of violence do not suit our country at all”

On the other hand, according to Sabah Gohan Gokduman news, actress Ed Ece was asked what she thinks about the beating of  Deniz Bulutsuz by her lover Ozan Guven.
“I am against any kind of violence. This does not suit our beautiful country. I have never been abused, but every day I see women killed by husbands, I say, "God grant, justice will prevail."

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