Did Can Yaman Fool Italian Actress Francesca Cipriani Into Love?

Italian actress Francesca Cipriani exposed Turkish superstar Can Yaman, and said that he made her fall in love with him, then he abandoned her and ignored all of her messages, reported Foochia.com

Cipriani added that she met Yaman when he visited Italy, and that he approached her and asked to date her, so she got attached to him.

Later on, Actress Francesca was surprised to see Can ignoring her and refusing to respond to her messages without any justification of his behavior.

She continued: "He made me cry and suffer a lot because he did not keep his promises to me, Can Yaman deceived me, that's what I'm telling you ... he lied to me so I did not hesitate to expose him to the media."

A number of followers said that this is not the first time that Can is accused of deceiving girls.

They said that a number of girls had spoken of Yaman's similar behavior, and pointed out that he dated them then disappeared, although he used to promise them of friendship and communication.

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