The popular Turkish actor went to the filming of his new series Bay Yanlis with a modern cowboy look, consisting of a hat, a large chain around his neck, transparent sunglasses and sports boots.

It is already a fact that each step Can Yaman takes creates a trend and generates not a few comments, something to which not only is the attractive Turkish heartthrob accustomed but also knows how to take advantage of it. For this reason, the remembered Can  of Day Dreamer  does not miss an opportunity to surprise his admirers whenever he can. Now, who has just released his new series Bay Yanlis with Özge Gürel , he knows that it is a good time to keep the attention of his fans alive and has once again grabbed the eye after sharing a photograph on his Instagram where he wears a different look than usual in him.

This time Can went to the filming of his new series wore a hat that showed his hairstyle - specifically his toupee, carefully raised towards the brim of the hat - and that gave an air to the James Dean in modern. With totally denim clothes, but in a modern style -navy blue sleeveless shirt with irregular details in white, and pants adorned with patches of the same tone-, she chose as a complement to her look a pair of sunglasses with semi-transparent smoked glass, a large chain around the neck -a very common ornament in it, but in this case simpler and only in silver tone- and a bracelet of the same style, thick and silver. On the feet, dressy sports boots, very original to match the shirt.

The multi-actor stylist
The person in charge of this styling is Asli Parlak, who from her company Parlaque Styling, is responsible for the image of the two protagonists, Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, in Bay Yalins. It has also been in other productions such as Dolunay and Dreaming Bird, or in which star Özge's boyfriend, Serkan Çayoglu (Love is spring), and Melisa Aslı Pamuk (Eternal love), Yeni Hayat (New life).

Comments on Can Yaman's new look on his social network were immediate. Most took the opportunity to congratulate the great work of Asli Parlak. And many other fans were quick to highlight how attractive their admired actor looked with that different style: some praised the hairstyle, others the outfit ... but in general all of them were once again admired with the beauty of the actor who has captivated hearts around the world.

Meanwhile, Can and Özge, who premiered the series on June 26, are conquering the public at high speed. The series, Bay Yanlis, one of the most promoted in recent months among Turkish productions, is a new romantic comedy where the restaurant owner who does not believe in love helps a young woman who has never fallen in love to conquer a man to marry her. Until their destinies are united on the same path.

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