Akin Akinözü plays Miran Aslanbey in 'Hercai': "We are all born to succeed"
At 30 years old and only six years of career, this handsome actor who studied mathematics in the United States conquers audiences around the world.

The son of Turkish actress Ozlem Akinözü, the vengeful Miran in Hercai was destined to achieve great success on television, despite the fact that his steps were initially directed in a very different way. During the six years he lived in Berkeley (USA), Akin Akinözü began training in theater and even wrote some plays until he decided to return to his country in 2014 to start his career. It was with the movie Azrael and since then he has not stopped working.

You are number one in Turkey.

I am just an actor who is starting his career. I have a lot left to be an important interpreter in my country and even more to achieve an international name.

With Hercai you are getting it. What do you think it is due to?

It tells a well-known story but in a very original way, which the public is not used to.

What does it mean to you?

It was the best opportunity to put my profession into practice and the first recognition of my effort.

Do you think that success was written in your destiny?

Everyone is born to succeed, because we are each the result of a single sperm that survived among millions and managed to fertilize an egg.

What do you think of your role?

Miran is a man who has been brainwashed. The conflict he has is that he wants to take revenge on the woman he loves, something really difficult to carry out. Trying to understand this character helped me discover myself. Hercai was a very interesting project.

Why did you decide to be an actor?

It comes from family, there are quite a few artists on my maternal side. While studying Applied Mathematics, one day I realized the great connection between this subject and art. From there, I decided to delve into that field, especially in relation to filming, and I stayed on them.

In six years of experience, what would you say you have changed?

More than anything, I have evolved as a human being and that has helped me improve as an actor as well. Now I feel that I have more to say in the scripts they offer me and I am sure that I will continue to grow in future projects.

I am interested in those who carry behind a physical effort to prepare them and those who undergo a transformation during history.

What have the awards meant to your career?

They are important, but it rewards me more to leave a shoot satisfied and having discovered something new.

Are you worried about your appearance?

It is our working instrument and we must take care of it. Without a healthy body we cannot have a good emotional or mental life. So I place great importance on nutrition and fitness, but also on spirituality.

What other things do you like besides your profession?

I am a dog lover. Two years ago I adopted Archie and taking care of him makes me feel like I am learning to be a father.

He is very close to his parents and his girlfriend, Sandra Pestemalciyan.

What do you expect from your future?

What I really want is not to lose motivation and always dream like a child.

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