TV channels quarreled over “Mr. Wrong”

On June 26, Fox launched the first episode of the new Turkish series, Mr. Wrong, starring Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel. However, before it began, a scandal erupted around him. The management of the Kanal D TV channel filed a lawsuit demanding to remove the series from the air, as it was their project, but the producer suddenly transferred it to another channel. Representatives of the TV channel claim that the producer Faruk Turgut, the owner of Gold Film, who is filming the series “Mr. Wrong,” first showed them the project, they agreed, began preparing for the shooting - but, on the day when they were about to officially sign the contract, the producer offered the series Fox and entered into a contract with him, leaving Kanal D with a nose at the last moment.
In this case, Kanal D turned to the Istanbul Civil Court of First Instance with a request to stop broadcasting the series “Mr. Error” in connection with the violation of the original contract. But today, the court rejected the application, since no official contract was signed between Gold Film and Kanal D, so no one violated anything.

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