Turkish TV Series: Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlis (2020)

Original title: Bay Yanlış
Production: Gold Film
Producer: Faruk Turgut
Director: Deniz Yorulmazer / Aslı Zengin
Screenwriter:  Aslı Zengin
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Premiere: From June 26, 2020 on Fox

Ezgi is a cheerful  girl, on whose path Ozgur appears. The name Ozgur in translation from Turkish means - free. He lives up to his name, a freedom-loving person. Heroes face a difficult question - love or logic? Their chance encounter, which began with a major quarrel and misunderstanding, will become fateful and fabulous love will knock on the doors of young people ...
Ozgur and Ezgi neighbors. Despite the fact that Ozgur is from a wealthy family, he works as a bartender in one of the bars, freedom-loving and reckless, who does not believe in love. And Ezgi is a beautiful young girl who is unlucky in love. Her only goal is to find love and a suitable person whom she can marry. Ozgur, noticing how unlucky a neighbor is in love, decides to help her win the love of her beloved man. Coaching Ezgi, explaining what love is, what men want, Ozgur imperceptibly falls madly in love with her ...

A new series from the producer of the series "The Early Bird" with the participation of the main performers of the main roles of "Full Moon" Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel.
The script for it is written by Asle Zengin, from whose pen came out such series as “Cherry Season”, “Strawberry Smell”, “Number 309”.
And in the director's chair, Denise Yorulmazer, who shot such series as “Rich and Poor,” “Little Crimes,” “Love 101.”


Can Yaman - Ozgur Atasoy
Özge Gürel - зzgi Inal
Fatma Toptaş - Cansu Akman
Gürgen Öz - Levent Jazman
Suat Sungur - Unal
Lale Başar - Sevim Atasoy
Sarpcan Köroğlu - Serdar
Serkay Tütüncü - Ozan
Ece İrtem - Gizem Sezer
Cemre Gümeli - Deniz Koparan
Anıl Çelik - Emre Eren
Feri Baycu Güler - Nevin
Kimya Gökçe Aytaç - Irem Dogan
Kerem Soydan
Ercüment енгengezer

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