Turkish TV Series: Knock on My Door / Sen Cal Kapimi (2020)

Original title: Sen Çal Kapımı
Production: MF Yapım
Producer: Fatih Aksoy
Director: Ender Mihlar
Screenwriter: Ayşe Üner Kutlu
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Premiere: From July 8, 2020 on Fox TV

Eda Yildiz is going to study abroad, she received a grant. All her hopes for a bright future are connected with a good education, she must unlearn and get a job to help her family get out of poverty. However, fate intervenes in her plans! By coincidence, due to the fault of Eda, the big businessman Serkan Bolat, who gave her a grant for her studies, finds herself in an awkward situation. Now Eda must correct the situation, Serkan demands that she pretend to be his bride for two months, otherwise she will not see a grant! Although Ed initially rejects the offer of the man whom she hated, but agrees with the pressure of circumstances. Pretending to be bride and groom, Serkan and Ed passionately and madly fall in love with each other, but they have a complicated relationship. Because love is complicated. And that is why she is gorgeous!


Kerem Bürsin - Serkan Bolat
Hande Erçel - Eda Yildiz
Neslihan Yeldan
Evrim Doğan
Bige Önal
İsmail Ege Şaşmaz
Anıl İlter
Melisa Döngel
Çağrı Çıtanak
Elchin Afacan
Sitare Akbaş
Başak Gümülcinelioğlu
Alican Aytekin
Sarp Bozkurt
Dorukhan Kenger
 İlkyaz Arslan

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