The general reaction of celebrities: No to racism!

After African-American George Floyd died after police violence in the United States, many Turkish celebrities supported the anti-racism movement, which began on social networks.
The event, lifting the whole world to its feet, occurred on May 25 in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. African-American George Floyd, who was ransacked on charges of fraud, died during detention, under the influence of police violence. After this incident, protests began around the world, especially in the United States. The reaction in social networks against racism in relation to blacks is expressed under the slogan “Black Life Matters”.

Social networks turned black

Well-known music names have expressed their reaction to police violence and racism in protest at Blackout Tuesday. During the protest, which was led by musicians, the screens turned black on social networks through the publication of black photographs. In addition to the global film sector, such famous stars as Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande took part in the protest, their accounts on social networks plunged into darkness. Many celebrities in Turkey also supported the protest. Celebrities, including Tarkan, Seda Sayan, Sertab Erener, Beren Saat and Hazal Kaya, expressed their reaction with the hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #blackouttuesday, #theshowmustbepaused (The show should stop).

Murat Yildirim wrote on Instagram: "A person has no color ... He has a heart, and it is either black or white."

Tuba Buyukustun: “How can you do to others what you would not like for yourself?”

Beren Saat blacked out her Instagram page by posting a black photo.

Hazal Kaya also posted a black square with hashtags #theshowmustbepaused and #blacklivesmatter.

Belcim Bilgin wrote on her page, "If you remain indifferent to injustice, then you have chosen the side of cruelty."

Sertab Erener, under a black photo published, made this signature: “For someone I’m white, for someone you’re black. This world will not be left to anyone. "

Seda Sayan published the words of the American human rights activist Malcolm X: "Racism is not ideological thinking, on the contrary, it is a psychological disorder."

Songul Auden wrote on her Instagram page: “The same savage is happening all over the world. This is a very old story. They took it off with a small phone and showed it to the whole world. Everyone says that they believe in God, then there must be a reason why he created so many languages, religions, flowers, living beings. "

Ceylan Ertem also supported the movement on social networks.

Tarkan posted a collage on his Instagram account consisting of a portrait of George Floyd and photos of the protests.

And Yildiz Tilbe is glad about what is happening in the USA!
Against this background, the Turkish singer Yıldız Tilbe surprised in her own words: “How beautiful America has become! I wish you to become even more beautiful! I wish all the states that destroyed other countries the worst!
May Allah punish them even harder for the way that His creatures were treated in such an enemy! ”

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