This saga started on the sea floor, it won't end there.
Nare and Sancar who couldn't be neither a lie nor an epic, now they are a father and mother who are worried and oppressed by their daughter.
Kavruk is found who have suffered a concussion from the brain as a result of the accident, but melek is absent.
Nare and Sancar set aside all their problems and work together to find their daughter.
With the disappearance of melek, the court session is adjourned for guardianship.
First they will find their daughter, then they will fight for her.
Gediz finds himself a stranger in this painting. They didn't tell him either about the invitation of guardianship nor about the disappearance of melek .
But the surprise that will knock on the door will transport Gediz to the middle of the events.
While Nare is looking for her daughter, Akin has other plans for her, this time he finds himself a stronger partner, Kahraman.

Kahraman wants to kidnap Nare by using melek , But Kahraman has his own methods, and the path he sees will make Sancar feel very happy first, then he will cause him to be at the bottom of the sea while facing death.
Will melek be found? Will Nare be kidnapped?
Will Sancar know about the fact of Menekşe's pregnancy?
Will Sancar suffocate on the sea floor?
This love that started on the bottom of the sea when they are young, and now they have a child, will this love also end on the bottom of the sea?

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