Serkan Çayoglu, protagonist of 'Kiraz Mevsimi / Cherry Season': "I fight a lot with myself"

Born in Germany, where he graduated in Economics, he has developed his acting career in Turkey and has also found love in his novel partner, Özge Gürel.

Attractive, captivating and, above all, simple. So is this actor who has become a star in Turkey, a country he came to from Germany with a degree in Economics. Serkan Çayoglu has an indelible memory of 'Kiraz Mevsimi / Cherry Season' (2014) because it gave him international success and put Özge Gürel, his partner in the novel and since then in real life, on his way.

In 'Kiraz Mevsimi / Cherry Season' ... you debuted as the protagonist. Were you afraid?

The tremendous emotion I felt when they gave me the role took it away from me. I thought about what was coming over me days before I started filming, but I like to take responsibility.

What attracted you to the story?

She is naive and fun. A lady in her 70s told me one day that she reminded her of her adolescence and that we should not lose the child we have in our soul.

Kuzey Güney was his first job on the small screen.
Are you an actor other than that?

Without a doubt, I love challenges and my career is a very big one. I always try to set a goal and improve with each project, I tend to choose the difficult. Just like in my personal life, I fight a lot with myself.

Ayaz, your character, has a fashion design company. Did you know about that?

No, I collected information and had no difficulties because that world interests me.

For six years he has been dating Özge Gürel, his partner in 'Kiraz Mevsimi / Cherry Season'.

The novel shows the love conflict between a wealthy young man and a poor girl. What do you think of that contrast?

True love is the most sought after in the world. He knows no obstacles and there is nothing impossible for him.

Özge [Gürel] is very talented, optimistic and captivates everyone with intelligence and energy. Our relationship has never been monotonous. With her, I have learned to live each moment without worrying too much about the future. We discovered life together and I think it is not easy to find someone to share these moments with.

He turned 33 on May 31.
Does dedicating yourself to the same have advantages or disadvantages?

If you are not selfish it is fantastic because you can understand the other better and be their great support.

Do you talk about work at home?

Of course, we know how it works and we can advise ourselves when choosing a project, for example.

He is very proud of his role in the Börü series and the film of the same name.

Did you always want to be an actor?

No, studying Economics in Germany, where I was born, I joined the theater group at the university and took classes. They told me that I did it well, I had fun ... I knew then that I was going to dedicate myself to that.

And why did you land in Turkey?

I wanted to spend time on my father's land when I finished my degree. I did not plan to stay, but I felt comfortable from the beginning and success was coming.

Do you miss your native Germany?

Yes, there are my family and my friends forever. I usually go to see them, but I am happy in Istanbul, it is one of the most beautiful cities I know.

What do you think of fame?

I never believed that I would be famous or pretended to be. I think the best part is that it goes beyond borders.

In addition to your profession, what other passions do you have?

Soccer, I almost turned professional but there were better ones (laughs). I play various instruments and I love to cook. I adore animals, I have three cats.

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