The “Hercai” series, which is shown on ATV, is a project by Mia Yapım. The owner of the production company is Banu Akdeniz ... The series completed the 2nd season and takes place among the projects ongoing in the 3rd season.
Mia Yapım has another new project that will decorate the summer months. Behind the series “Love on the Roof”, which will be broadcast on Kanal D, is also signed by Banu Akdeniz. The other day Akdeniz attracted attention with photos taken with the actors of “Love on the Roof” by Furkan Andic, Yigit Kirazci and Nilay Deniz. In the first series, she will take part in a short rally scene as a co-pilot.

Mia Yapım celebrates its 15th anniversary. The company, which had done a lot of projects before, including cartoons, television shows, series and special documentaries, put its signature on the movies. Recently, Mia Yapım makes talking about herself with her series. Especially the Banu Akdeniz philosophy ensured the emergence of successful series.

In a live conversation in an Instagram conversation, Banu Akdeniz explained her philosophy, which allows her to sign successful projects. The famous producer told an important detail:
“The most important factor in the success of the series is the script, for this reason no actor should receive more from the budget than the script. I apply this rule. ”
Banu, who attaches such importance to the script and is not shy about spending a budget on it, did not avoid any funds during the creation of such a series as Heraci.

The importance that Banu Akdeniz attaches to history ensures the success of projects.

How did you get the idea to shoot the series "Hercai"
Banu flew from vacation in Izmir and bought herself a book by Sümeyye Koç “Hercai”. During the flight, she read it in full swing, and turning to her mother, she said: “I’ll make a series from this book!”

Plans for Season 3 of Hercai
Banu was given several spoilers regarding season 3 of Hercai. Their plans include starting filming in early August, and in mid-September to air new episodes from where they left off.
Feride Cetin (Zehra) will return in season 3. Recall that she gave birth to a child, so she temporarily left the project.
The character Elif will not return, Elif certainly died.
New heroes will appear, actors are being selected. The producer promises big surprises and big names.
And the most interesting: in season 3, Miran and Rayan will have a baby, and fans of the series will pick up a name for him on social networks who actively support them and deserve it.

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