New photo of Neslihan Atagul

Yesterday, after a two-month break, the series “The Ambassador's Daughter” returned to the screens. Social networks exploded with thousands of messages, fans of the series brought the hashtag to the TOP TOPIC of the most discussed topics of the day.
Neslihan Atagul, who plays the role of Nare, again won praise for her game in the series. And each of its publication on its Instagram page causes a sensation. Today, the actress shared her new summer photos, which in just 4 hours gained more than 1 million likes and thousands of enthusiastic comments.

Neslihan Atagul has 9.7 million Instagram followers, just a little to 10 million. We can say with confidence that in the near future that figure will be typed, since the “Ambassador's Daughter” is gaining the sympathy of foreign viewers.

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