Mr. Wrong - meeting the heroes of the series

Description of the heroes of the new series “Mr. Wrong”, which will begin in late June on Fox TV.

Ozgur Atasoy (Can Yaman)
Ozgur, a little older than 30, who has lost faith in love and women, has been living for one day, is very freedom-loving, like his name, does not sit still, loves adrenaline, a rich, well-educated, handsome man. He is the owner and manager of a popular bar-restaurant in Istanbul. According to the zodiac sign Aquarius, rationality comes first.

Ezgi Inal (Ozge Gurel)
Ezgi, a little older than 30 years old, loving ordinary life without complaints, a girl with beautiful natural beauty. She grew up in a small town and came to Istanbul to study, and did not return. Graduated from the faculty of public relations. Ezgi - a man trying to help everyone around him, sacrificing himself, she is always for honesty. A dreamy girl who acts more according to the senses than the mind.  Zodiac sign Aquarius.

Cansu Akman (Fatma Toptas)
Cousin Ezgi. Well-groomed, lovely woman of about 35 years old, attaching great importance to her appearance. Responsible for public relations in one hospital. Successful at work, getting along well with people, social. She, along with Dr. Levent, one of the partners of the hospital in which she works. Zodiac sign Aries.

Deniz Koparan (Cemre Gureli)
Ezgi's childhood friend. Deniz, who is just over 30 years old, works as a lawyer in a law firm, which is one of the leaders in Turkey. Her goal is promotion at work; she works for her. Due to an unsuccessful marriage, she was disappointed and she closed herself from love. The zodiac sign is Scorpio. Ambitious. In relation to all but the immediate environment, it is cold and keeps its distance. Especially secretive towards men.

Levent Jazman (Gürgen Oz)
Cansu guy. A very successful plastic surgeon for about 40 years. At the same time, it is a co-owner of the hospital in which it operates. Well-groomed, scrupulous and perfectionist. From his first marriage, he has a 9-year-old daughter Zeynep. The troubles that he experienced in his first marriage and his affection for his daughter prevent him from getting married again.Zodiac sign Leo.

Ozan Dincer (Serkay Tutuncu)
About 30 years old, handsome, smiling, positive. The successful chef of the restaurant, owned by Özgür, is also a close friend of Özgür. Ozan, who is unlucky in his personal life, does not lose faith in love. Reliable, cheerful, sociable and sensitive. Zodiac sign Cancer.

Serdar Ozturk (Sarp Can Koroglu)
A nice, successful gynecologist a little older than 30 years. He has a successful career, he is the son of a wealthy family. An ambitious, always doing what he intended, the spirit of rivalry lives in him. Clings to details, always wants to own the best, sometimes it’s proud and, if necessary, can lie. Despite the fact that he believes in love, his mind is always in the foreground, he has such a character that he always seeks profit for himself. According to the zodiac sign Capricorn. In the foreground, he is always himself, loves comfort and greedy.

Soner Seckin (Taigun Sungar)
Former lover of Ezgi. He works as a representative of one pharmaceutical company. He likes to be in sight, he is a daffodil, does not pretend to be who he really is, changes his character based on his own benefit, a two-faced person. Zodiac sign Virgo.

Nevin Yilmaz (Feri Baicu Guler)
Ezgi's mom. Nevin, who survived an unsuccessful relationship after the divorce, finally found happiness with Yunal and married him. A real woman of love, cheerful, modern. Together with her husband, Yunal holds a breakfast cafe in Bursa. According to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Loves to have fun and travel.


Yunal Yilmaz (Suat Sungur)
Nevin's husband. The marriage to Nevin is his first marriage. He has no children, but he loves Ezgi as a daughter. For many years he worked on a cruise ship as a cook. Having fallen in love with Nevin, he chose a more assiduous life, quit his job and opened a breakfast cafe with Nevin. A joker, a romantic, a positive man enjoying every moment. According to the zodiac sign Gemini.

Sevim Atasoy (Lale Basar)
Mother Ozgur and Ebru. After the death of her husband, Nevzata devoted herself to children. She is a wealthy property owner, at the same time she has vineyards left over from her husband. She provides their work. Attached to tradition, to children, a positive, attaching importance to details and at the same time obsessed woman. According to the zodiac sign Virgo.

Emre Eren (Anil Celik)
He works as a bartender at the Özgür establishment. Cheerful, cute, funny. Even if he has a relationship, he is not shy about flirting, sociable and agile. When it comes to benefits, it pays no attention to anything else. According to the zodiac sign Gemini.

Gizem Sezer (Ege Irtem)
She is engaged in issues of booking and meeting clients at the Özgür establishment. Her ideal is to become responsible for public relations in the new institution. Ambitious, uses people, arranges intrigues, cunning, crafty girl. In addition, she has long liked Ozgur, but she does not show it to anyone. According to the zodiac sign Capricorn.

The owner of the law firm in which Denise works. Tall well-groomed cute man of 45 years old, athletic build. In a short time he became successful in his field and managed to become one of the best lawyers in the country. Recently divorced his wife, whom he married at a very young age. There is a daughter for about 20 years. Despite the fact that he is an unmarried man, which many women run after, he is a fan of Denise in his heart, but no one knows. Argument is a close friend of Levent, and at the same time a lawyer for the hospital, which they share with Levent.

Irem Dogan (Kimya Goekce Aytac)
She works as a lawyer in the same law firm as Denise. Beautiful, smart, ambitious and able to be bad, if necessary, a woman. There is rivalry between her and Denise. She considers men mainly as a means to an end, and a long, serious relationship is not for her. Work for her is always in the first place, she can do everything to get a promotion. According to the zodiac sign Pisces.

Fitnat Atasoy
Eugene Uncle Ozgur. 40-45 years old, have 2 sons. Constantly competes with sister-in-law Sevim. At heart, Nevin is jealous of the material possibilities, the success of her children, her motherhood. A woman who loves intrigue and gossip. Very curious, sticking her nose into everyone’s affairs is her lifestyle, she loves to cling to everyone around her. Since her husband is tired of this state of affairs, he constantly tries to stay away from his wife.

Zeynep Yazman
Erol's daughter. Clever, attached to her father, his very jealous girl is 8-9 years old. She does not want to share her father with anyone, very sensitive and tender. If necessary, she can do things behind her father’s back with her mother, and draw her father into the game.

Ebru Atasoy
Sister Ozgur. Beautiful girl about 25 years old. Graduate of the Department of Child Development. Tied to her family. Very in love with her fiance Kerem and will soon marry him. Positive, beautiful by nature girl with good intentions.

Kerem Soydan
Groom Ebru. He is engaged in tourism, runs a family hotel in Bodrum. Obedient, polite, friendly.

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