Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlis - Episode 1, Description and Photo

Ezgi is preparing a surprise for his boyfriend Soner in honor of his birthday. However, she herself is waiting for an even bigger surprise - it turns out that he is cheating her! And after all, they had been together for three years, she was waiting for a marriage proposal from him, but she was deeply mistaken in it. A difficult period began for Ezgi, since she had to leave the house where they lived together, and besides, she lost her job.

At this time, Ezgi makes important decisions. From now on, there will be no “wrong” men in her life, she will find the right one. And in this she will be helped by the most “wrong” new neighbor Ozgur, whom they accidentally met ...
Can love fix mistakes?

Episode 1 will be aired on June 26 at 20:00 Turkey time on FOX TV

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