How many countries were sold the series"Early bird" ?

They continue to talk about the series “The Early Bird,” starred by Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman. Once the number of countries where the series is shown increases, the number of fans of two celebrities also increases. From the publications on social networks and the interest shown to the actor during his visits abroad, it becomes clear that Can Yaman is more popular abroad.

 Do you know how many countries the Early Bird series was sold with which Can Yaman became popular?

The Early Bird, which made the finals in August 2019 on Star TV, was sold to a total of 25 countries. Cagri Bayrak, director of the Gold Film production series ... The cast included such names as Ozlem Tokaslan, Cihan Ercan, Oznur Serceler, Berat Yenilmez, Birand Tundzha, Anil Celik. The last countries in which the series was sold were Greece, Italy, Palestine and Montenegro.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, television in many countries, now interested in the finished product, is showing interest in Turkish TV shows. In another 25 countries, led by Lithuania, Bosnia and Macedonia, they continue to show the series “The Early Bird”. The series, which is distributed by the Global Agency, is known as "Daydreamer / The Dreamer." The name “Early Bird” is also used.

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