Hazal Kaya: I am so in love with his father that I named my son  Ali

Hazal Kaya answered questions from Sencer Piyancı. Their interview was posted on Gzonemag magazine’s Instagram page. The famous actress during the conversation said that she wrote a female story with the support of her husband Ali Atay.

How are your quarantine days?
-In these quarantine days, I pay attention to healthy eating and sports. I was supposed to start acting in a new project, but it was postponed due to a pandemic. I thought, what should I do with my excess weight, which I gained during pregnancy. If it depended on me, I ate with peace of mind all that I wanted, and for my pleasure. But now she noticed her condition and said to herself: "What is it, dear, postpartum folds?" But I very much drew attention to this, since my project was to begin. I read a book, worked on a script for my upcoming project. And life with Fico (Fikret Ali) is very beautiful and beautiful! Since I would often be on the set, I would not be able to witness these months of his life. I am very pleased to spend time with him, it benefits me!

Did you know when you agreed to play the role of Nihal in the series "Forbidden Love" that this series will become a phenomenon?
- I was not accepted into this project the first time. I went to the test 150 times to take part in the series. Every time I had stress. I found out that I was received too late. The actor Selcuk Jöntem was supposed to play my serial father, I was very excited about this fact. I constantly thought about how I would play with him in the frame. Thank you to this warm and sweet world. We still call each other sweetheart. It was a great opportunity for me. Of course, it was impossible to predict such a success in advance.

Are you watching a replay of Forbidden Love?
- I watched it once. Since the repetition of the series goes on TV 3-5 times a year (laughs). But I never sat and watched the series from the very beginning to the end. During pregnancy, we sat and watched the series with Ali. We started watching from episode 1 and watched the final episode 79. When I first watched the series from beginning to end, my opinion changed a lot.

Did you criticize yourself while watching the series?

-Do you want me to tell you something strange? When I watched the series, I realized that after 10 years I learned to love myself. I used to be more critical watching myself. She said: "Was it really necessary to play there? What kind of shot turned out ...". I started acting when I was 18 years old. I was very sweet and sincere. My view of Nihal has changed a lot. When the series "Forbidden Love" was released, our viewers were very impressed with it. I, like them, scolded Nihal ...

After the series "Forbidden Love", you played in the series "I Named Her Feriha." Were you worried about this show?
- Actually, it was a challenge for me. The series “Forbidden Love” was very successful, this series made me nervous. When I first read the script for the TV series “I Named Her Feriha,” I said: “Isn't that a classic story?” I tried to abandon this project 2-3 times. At that time, my manager Fatih Aksoy told me: “It will be a very good job.” And it really was. Since then, I always listen to Mr. Fatih.

Do you write the scripts yourself? In the future, will we be able to see a movie / series whose script will be yours?
-Ali very supported me in this thread. It is very important that in the life of a person there is someone who supports his abilities. I read the script and was very evil. Ali said: “What kind of script is this?”, After which he added: “Write the script yourself.” Then I met with my friends Asli Kizmaz and Bengisu Uzunoz. We tried to write something, we are still trying. I don’t know if I will act as a director ... I would rather play a role. It will be a women's story or something like that ... Listen, I almost told you what we are working on ... Here is my language! (Laughs)

Would you like to play together in the same project with your husband?
-We want very much. In the past there was a fear that people would probably think: “Do they really have that kind of relationship?” But now I scored on it, I want to play together and that's it!

You became a mother, did it change you? What did you learn from Fikret?
-His full name is Fikret Ali, but I call him Fikret. I am so in love with his father that I named the son  Ali so that he becomes the son of his father. In appearance they are very similar. The look is also very similar, and much more. The first thing I learned from Fikret is that he will be my teacher. It is very strange that you need to follow someone every second ... At any moment of my life, Fikret is in my thoughts. This morning we vaccinated him, and I constantly think what happens, does he have a fever ... I learned to give up life when he began to grow. I read constantly. I see what Fikret likes. I see it very clearly. I want to “break myself” with training. I am constantly improving through this. Now I have everything for two.

In the future do you want to make yourself some aesthetics / plastic?
-Now I'm not in that period of time, but why shouldn't I think about it? I will think of course about this a little later. People should not judge!

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