Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin series premiere delayed
The director of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door ) has abandoned the project after the first chapter and, although a new one has already been incorporated, the release date will no longer be July 1, as announced.

Although all the promotions had started and the series already had a premiere date, on July 1, Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin are going to have to wait to see their new project, Sen Cal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door ), on screen. As reported by some Turkish media and social networks, there has been a change of director in the novel, after leaving the previous project, and it will not be released on the scheduled day. The new director is Yusuf Pirhasan, in charge of hits like Mucize Doktor, starring Taner Ölmez.

The beautiful actress Hande and the actor who was a partner of Serenay Sarikaya , had already presented the trailer for the first chapter of the new romantic comedy and had generated great anticipation on social media with this project. Hande and Kerem fans were looking forward to see them together for the first time.

In addition, the name of another actor who would join the series had also been announced, Dorukhan Kenger, a young man with a still short career, who was going to play Eda's ex-boyfriend (Hande Erçel), whom he left to go to foreigner and now returns, when she is about to start her romance with Serkan (Kerem Bursin).

The first known scene of Sen Cal Kapımı show the young and beautiful Eda, a flower vendor, who takes out her roughest side and paints a phrase on the car of Serkan Bolat, son of a wealthy businessman. When he rolls down the car window where she is writing, the first meeting between them occurs.

In social networks there have been many comments in protest of the changes in the series; The followers of the Turkish series and specifically of this project and its protagonists do not see this instability favorably. Some even begin to doubt that the project comes to fruition.

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