Foundation Osman / Kurulus Osman - 24 épisodes, photos and description

Eliminating the danger from Alisar, a wedding ceremony is organized in the Kayi camp for Osman Bey, who ensured that Dundar finds out the truth, and Bala Hatun.
Sophia, who escaped from the hands of the Byzantines and wants to avenge her father Giannis, sets a trap with her people at this wedding.

What will Osman Bey and the camp residents do against the Sofia trap? How will the balance of arrival in the village change the Hazan Hatun? How does Osman Bey organize the struggle against the Mongols? Can Osman Bey receive the expected support from the Turkmen settlements? How will the Heyhat and the Mongols react to the killing of Sancak Bey? What will be the fate of Aigul that Dundar married to Alisar?

The 24th episode will be aired on June 3 at 20.00  on the Atv channel

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