Fikret Kuskan: Priority is to stay alive

The famous actor Fikret Kuskan, due to health problems, could not join the filming of the series “Cruel Istanbul”, which began again. Despite all the efforts of Avşar Film, Fikret Kuskan, presenting medical certificates and recommendations, attracted attention with his statement that life is more important than the series.

The actor made an official statement.
“Due to the difficult period of the pandemic that we experienced in connection with the spread of COVID-19, because of the chronic diseases that make me at risk for my life, I regret that I will not be able to continue playing the very beloved hero Agah whom I played over 36 episodes in the project “Cruel Istanbul”. There is a doctor’s certificate on this subject and clear recommendations from those specialists. You must admit that such a decision would not have been made if I had not had to. I have one life and the family that I have to support, to stay alive is my priority.

Thanks to our production company Avşar Film and all our colleagues for their understanding and support. See you on healthier days. Hello to all my friends! ”

Problems with ex-wife
Bahar Karimoglu claims that Fikret Kuskan does not fulfill his duties to his son.
The couple Fikret Kuskan - Bahar Kerimoglu, who have been married for 4 years, have a son. The quarrel over a child between a couple who divorced in 2009 has been going on for many years. 5 years after the divorce, Fikret Kuskan married Arsevi Ozkar. The couple has a baby.
And now the ex-wife does not allow Fikret to her son, claiming that he does not give him due attention. The matter went to trial.

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