Feride Çetin: "I have learned to enjoy fame"
This Turkish actress, who has fun cooking and reading comics, says her relationship with the public has improved since her debut two decades ago.
A tireless and tremendously restless student, this 39-year-old actress graduated from three universities to train in front of and behind the cameras. Passionate about letters, she married the writer Murat Özer, her boss when she edited a magazine, in October and became the mother of a girl in March. She already has another point in common with her character.

Of Zhera you would highlight…

Although she adores her husband, Hazar (Serhat Tutumluer), the first things are her daughters, Reyyan and Gül (Ebru Sahin and Ebrar Alya Demirbilek). She seems fragile and docile, but if she thinks they are in danger she turns into a lioness. I love her loyalty and kindness, but she cries too much. They tell me that on the street.

Why did you accept Hercai?

As soon as I read the script I knew I wanted to do it because there were so many conflicts and mystery. Also, it was filmed in Midyat, very far from Istanbul, where I live. I love working in new places. I thought about it a lot because at that time I had two films, a documentary, in the making and I was doing in the Ricardo III theater. Now I know it was the best decision.

The novel triumphs wherever it opens. Did you imagine

The central plot is like a fairy tale and when I saw Ebru and Akin Akinozü (Miran) the first day of filming I knew it would be a success. You rarely see so much dedication. They are very talented. Furthermore, the work environment has always been the best, and that also leads to the highest.

When I was young, I had a hard time because I was very shy and believed that I could take away my freedom. After twenty years I have learned to enjoy it, I love that people comment on my work, come to talk to me ... I receive many messages from everyone and try to respond to everyone. They are a great inspiration to me.

You got pregnant during filming. Did it cost you to continue?

No, the producer gave me facilities and made my character pregnant. I left later to be with my husband, who was going to have cancer surgery and would have a long recovery. The team left the door open for me to be in the third season.

How do you live motherhood?

It is a wonderful experience. My husband and I feel stronger. Our daughter, Hayat, continues to smile, she is a happy girl and we pray that she continues like this. Today all I want is for my family to be healthy.

Why that name?

It means ‘life’ and her father put it on because they told me about my pregnancy and illness almost at the same time and he thought that the birth of his daughter was a miracle.

Her other profession: Writes plays and stories for various publications. In addition, she has published two books: Duyulur Dünyanin Sakasi, in 2015, and Annemiz Asktir, in August last year. "Actors think more with their hearts than with their heads. I try to use both. And I want to bring my stories to the screen or to the stage, ”says Feride Çetin, who has also taken several writing courses and worked for a time editing magazines.

Did you always know that you wanted to dedicate yourself to acting?

Yes, but I was also interested in directing so I studied different disciplines. All my teachers said it could be whatever I wanted. The first job in the world was as an actress, as the protagonist in the movie Iki Genç Kiz, for which I received several awards. Before that I worked in public relations and marketing to earn money.

Do you consider that you have been lucky as an actress?

Although I had a good star at the beginning, I knew that something so perfect rarely happens, so I worked hard. That is more important than luck.

What hobbies do you have?

Cooking, I enjoy trying new recipes, I practice yoga, I read comics, I go to the movies, to museums, I make sculptures ... And I like to travel. I studied Spanish at the Instituto Cervantes in Istanbul and have been three

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