Zeynep for the first time personally decides for herself: she chooses happiness next to Mehdi.
Mehdi also feels that for the first time he has come close to real happiness. He promises Zeynep that from now on he will try to make her happy every day.

However, the existence of Benal continues to threaten their love. But Zeliha and Müjgan have their own plans for Benal.
Nermin offers Zeynep and Mehdi to go on a honeymoon, they agree and together with their relatives go on vacation for several days. But this trip is a harbinger of the most important test that they will pass in their relationship. This trip in someone’s hearts will reveal new feelings, and in someone’s unhealed wounds ...

Is there any hope in the morning, even after the darkest night? Can life begin anew? It's time for Zeynep to find out the answers to these questions ...

Episode 12 will be aired on July 1 at 8 p.m. Turkey time on TV8

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