Chileans with "Hercai" learn Turkish

"Hercai" is one of the most popular series, continues to be a topic of conversation, both in Turkey itself and abroad.
For example, in Chile, where TVN broadcasts the Hercai series, in addition to gaining record television ratings, it also teaches the country Turkish. The channel’s social network account under the hashtag #AprendeTurcoConHercai (Learn Turkish with Vetreny) publishes one Turkish offer every day along with a Spanish translation. Chileans are delighted, the hashtag gets into the most discussed topics of the day.

The main characters of “Hercai”, which tells about “Stories of incredible love born of revenge”, produced by Mia Yapım Banu Akdeniz, are played by Akin Akinosu, Ebru Sаhin, Gulcin Santırcioglu, Serhat Tutumluer, Ayda Axel, Macit Soncan Odyar Ozer Unustasy, Tansu Tasanlar, Inci Sen, Cahit Gök, Eli Erkök and Duigu Yetis.

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