The actress has reported through social media that she is 14 weeks  pregnant and that the baby she is expecting is a girl.

The attractive Turkish actress Ceyda has announced the good news through her social networks and with a nice photograph where she appears with her husband, Bugra Toplusoy, before a table prepared with pink and blue pastels and decorated with balloons of the same colors on both sides. It was the image of the celebration of the news with her family, when they still did not know if the sex of the baby would be male or female. A few days later she herself announced that her first child will be a girl.

"I have small hands, small feet and a small heart that grows in me. When we did not expect it, it surprised us and drove us crazy. Yes, we are going to be parents," Ates wrote on her social accounts, where she also thanked all the signs of affection from her followers.

The actress and her husband, a man dedicated to business and somewhat older than her, whom she married in 2018 and who resides in Miami (United States), are very happy with the news. They decided to wait a bit before announcing it. Ceyda's pregnancy is now just over three months.

Ceyda Ates' professional career

Ceyda began her acting career when she was only five years old. After winning a famous children's beauty pageant, she began to participate in series and films in her country. At the age of 7 she worked on her first television production and to date has accumulated more than 30 series and five films on her resume, becoming part of two and three soap operas a year.

She studied acting at the Barıs Manço Cultural Center. In 2007, at the age of 19, she performed an important performance as Esra in the movie Cool School 3. She has also presented a television program. Some of her most popular series have been Doludizgin Yıllar, Kavak Yelleri and later, at the age of 24, The Secret of Feriha.

Her last work, last year, was the novel Coçuk, which she co-starred with Serhat Teoman (Mother) and which, failing to obtain the expected audience, was removed from the grid in February of this year, earlier than expected.

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