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Cati Kati Ask Series Synopsis.

The Penthouse begins with the inclusion of two foreign guests in a large and warm family. Ateş and Yasemin, who joined this family, living with solidarity and holding onto each other with a tiny “lie”, will first collide with love under this roof, then be tested with their lies, but they will see friendship, sharing and love over time.

 The Attic is actually the story of those who are new to life, those who carry the worlds on their backs, who knit the nest by knitting. But above all, it is a love story… It is the story of the characters, who come from different social classes and cultures opposite each other, to resist in their love at the expense of their families. While the life young people are left with the troubles bigger than their height, this family we longed for.

Love on the roof - meeting the heroes of the series

Description of the heroes of the new series “Love on the Roof”, which will begin on July 9 on Kanal D

Ates Avci (Furkan Andic)

Ates Avci (Furkan Andic)

The only son of a wealthy influential family. Ates, who had lost his mother as a child, was raised by his aunt, Ms. Gyulriz. Atesh, who was born in abundance, is an irresponsible, carefree, young guy, a little snob, partly because he grew up without a mother, and partly because he was not forced to ask for anything twice. But he is not bad and not harsh. There is something devilishly attractive about this scammer. He is cute, friendly. Since childhood, relations with his father, Mr. Asaf, have not developed. Atesh is smart and smart. Despite his carelessness, he entered the medical faculty, and completed his education in America. But the pretty, athletic, dream of all the girls Atesh, who had not worked for a day by profession, devoted himself to his passion, rally, and became very successful in this ...

Aisen Yilmaz (Ezgi Senler)

The adopted daughter of the Yilmaz family, which is attached more importance than her own daughters ... She studies at the fashion design department ... Aishen is a jewel not only of the family, but of the whole region. Ever since she had her first tooth, how she learned to walk, she began to talk, and until the school graduation, all the inhabitants of the region were sincerely and wholeheartedly next to Ayshen. She never forgets this, after she grew up, she devoted herself to the care of the district. Especially if the area has some special day, whether it’s an engagement, a celebration of circumcision, graduation, all the great design from Aishen ... Despite the fact that she is sometimes a dreamy and diverse person, Aishen does not run after wealth and money. And he even hates rich arrogant youth since he remembers himself.

Demir Yilmaz (Yigit Kirazci)

An exceptional young man, a mixture of trading genes from the father's side from Kayseri and irritability genes from the mother's side from the Black Sea region. Demir is very mobile, cannot sit still, practical, sincere and sometimes funny. We must not forget about the habit of instantly breaking out and pugnacity. Even when he is calm, you can’t be fooled, you need to avoid the storm, which he can instantly arrange. Demir loves unrequitedly, the family, the district, the institution left from his grandfather, where they sell manti, Ayshen, who treats him like a sibling.

Yasemin Cetin (Nilay Deniz)

Studying gastronomy at one state university of Istanbul. Yasemin is the only “caramel apple” of his father, Mr. Yuseyir. Decisive, tough, grasping girl who does not allow injustice. Originally from Balikesir. Between us, so beautiful as to deprive the mind of their peers. But she never attached importance to her appearance, did not focus on her beauty, did not build her life on this basis. She is the child of her father, a retired teacher, and her mother, a housewife. Her father opposed the fact that her daughter studied gastronomy, when there are such professions as a teacher, doctor, and even an engineer, but thanks to the support of her mother, she convinced him.

Celal Yilmaz (Renan Bilek)

The father of our family. He keeps an institution selling manti left over from his father. Yes, and he himself is a talented master to sculpt manti. Because of the events, a person instantly flashing up, like his name, but usually calming down after the intervention of Perihan. Dzhelalu, who easily provided for his family thanks to the establishment selling manti, with changing living conditions, it will be difficult to keep the establishment afloat. But Jellal is from Kayseri. He is stubborn. Of course, he will fight, and even though he will hand over the helm of the establishment to his son Demir, he will do his best to return to the old days again ...

Perihan YIlmaz (Tulay Gunal)
Mother of our family. She will not obey the Yylmaz family, to which she came as a daughter-in-law, and perfectly cooks manti in the Black Sea. Therefore, the only thing they could not agree on with Jelal for the whole marriage was stubbornness regarding real manti. Perihan is a woman who is very kind to both the family and those around her, even though her temperament looks rather harsh on the outside. Dzhelal's closest friend, the largest support of the family.

Saadet Yilmaz (Bedia Ener)
Sometimes the restless, sometimes sweet, changeable mother of Jelal. Yes, Jalal is the master of the family, but Saadet is her judge! The gray cardinal of the Yilmaz family! She is attached to traditions, to her hunches ... Strict with adults, and sweet with grandchildren ... Her biggest frustration is that the elder granddaughter Süheil was given to marry Shuayip's son-in-law ... Her only purpose is to see how Demir marries and Aishen will marry before dying ...

Suheila Durmaz (Pelin Oztekin)
The eldest daughter of Dzhelal and Perihan, with a beautiful voice, energetic, with big dreams in his small world, a versatile person. Her biggest dream was to become a singer, but her father did not find it suitable. Karaoke - a microphone sold by merchants - is its essential accessory. Sometimes in the evenings, at the insistence of Suheila, the whole family arranges karaoke and sings songs merrily. Sometimes, when she is angry with her husband, or during a quarrel, if they do not hear her, she immediately turns on the microphone. Ms. Saadet may be the undisputed judge of the house. But the judge in the kitchen is her. Since her mother spent most of her time in an establishment selling manti, home cooking became “her kitchen”. She defends the kitchen at the cost of her life, which she considers her fortress, and she trusts her cooking very much. The last thing she would like to see in her house and in her kitchen is a gastronomy student, Yasemin.

Suayip Durmaz (Bulent Seyran)
The son-in-law of the Yilmaz family. Permanently unemployed. The biggest routine in his life is to often enter into network affairs and become bankrupt. He comes home with cosmetic products in his hands, now with food additives, then with cleaning products and more. Homework is his first advertising group, and at first he tries to persuade him with various techniques. But for some reason, until this day, none of the family members saw the light in him. Shuayip, who realized that the first to join the network, take all the money, will start to dream of getting rich by inventing their own products. Because of these experiments, which he conducts at home, he constantly creates various problems for the family and residents of the area. But he is determined, one day he will certainly become successful, and will sit on the throne at the head of the network.

Gyulriz Avci (Ebru Aykach)
The only aunt Atesha Gyulriz, despite the fact that she is a good person in her heart, is a typical typical rich woman ... Despite the provincial origin of Mr. Asaf, the fact that he was rich in his youth created a contrast in Gyulriz's behavior and she sees only that became after. Gyulriz, who devoted her life to raising Atesh, has become a man who finds a common path between a father and son who cannot get along in any way, and the reassuring Mr. Asaf. Her only happiness is Atesh’s happiness ...

Philosopher Emin (Burak Tamdogan)
Elder brother Perihan Yylmaz. In addition to being brother-in-law of Jelal Yılmaz, he is his close friend, buddy. He is the uncle of the irritable Demir, and he is 100 times more irritable ... After a sad story of love, the details of which no one knows, he began to make folly and became a philosopher, an exceptional hero who cooks in his own juice ... He holds an antique shop in the area , which one way or another comes into everyone who likes conversations with the philosopher Emin, in which the fire never goes out and tea does not end. Emin, who knows how to draw experience from a bitter life and has extensive knowledge, is an exceptional respected person who solves problems with his curious point of view and is a judge in every match ...

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