Baris Arduç's hair grows during quarantine
The protagonist of I rent you my love has shared on his Instagram a photo where he is seen with the longest and curliest hair after these months of confinement.

Some have taken advantage of confinement to read or cook; Others have decided to discover their forgotten skills, like painting; and there have also been those who have chosen to change their look during these months of confinement for the Covid-19. This is the case of the protagonist of I rent you my love, the Turkish actor Baris Arduç, who has shared some photos on his Instagram with his hair much longer than usual and tousled curls that give him a more modern and casual air.

"I realize that I have extended it too much," he writes next to his image, which he published just three days ago on his social network. The beard and mustache are already a regular thing for him, however few knew his curly hair, since he almost always has it quite short. The reaction among his fans has not been long before this new 'look': most of his fans are delighted with his appearance. "Mr. Arduç, do you want me to have a heart attack?" One of them said after tweeting the publication, while others directly described "this man" as "temptation", or left them "without comments" because "he kills me." Some even dared to ask: "Earth, swallow me and spit on me at Baris' house, if it can be in his bed."

Now that the confinement in Turkey is over, citizens have begun to take to the streets. Baris has been seen these days with some friends dining at the port, and he continued with his new 'look', which shows that, although he seems to have let it grow too much, he liked it.

While a new project that interests you comes, the actor enjoys these small moments of leisure and the company of his girlfriend, also actress Gupse Özay, who is also a screenwriter, with whom he has been in contact for six years. Before the crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus, Baris had made an announcement on television and successfully participated in a couple of chapters of the Çukur series, which has starred Aras Bulut İynemli for two years and whose main character was offered firstly to Arduç, who at the time rejected him.

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