Alp Navruz resumes the shooting of his series 'Zümrüdü Anka'
After these months of interruption by Covid-19, the attractive protagonist of Do not let go of my hand, returns with new chapters of his new series, which will premiere the second season.

The whimsical Cenk of Don't Let Go of My Hand, whom we also saw until recently become the charming Sinan of Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters, is soon going to retake the filming of the project in which he embarked at the end of last year, the novel romantic Zümrüdü Anka (Phoenix). After these months of quarantine for the Covid-19, television productions are reactivating in Turkey and the series that stars Alp Navruz also has a date to return to the filming set, the first week of July.

In the story of Zümrüdü Anka, Alp, who plays Serhat, shares the limelight with Ceren Yılmaz, an actress with little experience (three series and one film), but with a lot of projection. She is Zümrüt, a beautiful, intelligent and good-natured but stubborn young woman who has had only one love in her life, Serhat. Although the confrontation between their families prevented them from living their love , in time he will return to fight for her.

Among the cast of this soap opera directed by Cemal Şan and with a script by Can Sinan, is the remembered Edip Özmen of Stiletto Vendetta (Selim Bayraktar). The recordings take place in the town of Ürgüp, located in central Anatolia, in the Cappadocia region.

Alp Navruz's quarantine
During these months of confinement, the attractive actor, 27 who started his modeling career, has dedicated his time to reading and cooking, something he has shared through photographs on his Instagram. But apparently he has not done it alone. Although Alp is very suspicious of his private life, some Turkish media have been able to photograph him these days accompanied by a girl, with whom it is said that he already lives and who is rumored to be the also popular actress, Devrim Özkan.

Navruz has also published on his social networks some images trying to relax in his garden or in the privacy of his home, and reflecting on the situation with comments such as: "Do you know how it feels? The room is very large but you cannot enter, the door is there but you can't get out, the window is open but you can't breathe. "

Recently the actor has been able to return to normal little by little and one of the first things he has done has been to visit his horses at the stable and he has spent time with them. "We cannot be as close as before," he has written. Alp has also shared photos with his dog, showing himself as the great animal lover he is.

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