The shooting of the series “Knock on my door” has recently begun, where the main roles will be played by: Hande Ercel and Kerem Bürsin.
In honor of the start of a new project, singer Murat Dalkilic sent a bunch of gorgeous red roses to the set of this series for his lover, Hande Ercel.
Hande shared a photo of the flowers on her Instagram page, signing the photo like this: "The way my beloved Master congratulated me!"

A romantic surprise for Hande Ercel from Murat Dalkilic

The beloved couple of artists Murat Dalkilic and Hande Ercel have been dating for 3 years. On this occasion, the attractive actress Hande spoke about the secret of a long-term relationship: "The most important thing to do so that the relationship with your lover or friend lasts a long time is to maintain respect!"
During quarantine, Hande tried to take a break from the social network Instagram: “I realized that this is not for me! On social networks, I have a special connection with people. And I love them!”

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